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domande frequenti

Will the team doxx?

At this moment we do not plan on Doxxing as we see no immediate benefit to doing it. However as the project grows and evolves we will be happy to consider it.

What is the 4% Tax to the team wallet?

We have not allocated any tokens for a team before launch. We believe everyone needs to be given a fair shot at this, from the start so we will be getting in with everyone else at presale. The 4% tax will go towards marketing activities, community building, running contests, burns and donations. What happens will be decided by the community every week.

Will you renounce ownership?

TLDR; No. But we will lock it. Everyone on the team has been on avid traders and have seen plenty of presales and launches. We see that most coins with renounced contracts die off within a week. We also believe that renouncing kills the project in case something goes wrong. We will be locking the contract for a week after removing the anti whale function to build the trust, after which, we can decide on what to do as a community. We will be happy to lock it further if necessary but as whole prefer not to renounce.

Why should I invest?

We all know how powerful a good doge coin is, combining that with a roadmap that actually creates a positive impact in the world is something we believe is worth investing in. Also, you can potentially make shit tons of money :) DYOR, this is not financial advice.

When are you releasing the Pre-sale link?

Tentatively we're planning to release the DxSales link on 21st or 22nd of May. We want to build up a vibrant and supportive community of atleast 2000 Street Doges to ensure everything we start strong!